Boris, Will It Include Space For A BSL Interpreter?

Downing Street has spent more than £2.6m on fitting out a new media briefing room, it has emerged.

The Cabinet Office said the spending “is in the public interest” as it will “increase public accountability and transparency.” http://Downing Street: Millions spent on new media briefing room

#WhereIsTheInterpreter is asking …

“Will it include space for a BSL interpreter?”


@BorisJohnson @10DowningStreet Will there be space for a #bsl interpreter in this media room? Considering the #wherestheinterpreter campaign during the Covid pandemic, which has been ignored, accommodating an interpreter would help equality for the UK’s incredible #Deaf community

Steve via Twitter

Do we reckon this was all to facilitate sign language interpretation?

York Disability week via Twitter

Now I’m expecting to see real life #BSL interpreters in this new media briefing room at @10DowningStreet #WhereIsTheInterpreter @jerseysnail 💪🙌

Isobel via Twitter
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