Today marks 18 years since British Sign Language was recognised by the UK government.

In March every year as this represents a special date for Sign Language, deaf community: March 18th 2003 was the date that sign language was officially recognised as a language in the UK. But…..recognised didn’t give British Sign Language (BSL) and new legal rights. Since 18 years BSL was so called ‘recognised’ the lack of equality remains a vast problem . There are many barriers that prevent Sign Language, deaf citizens from the society.

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“There is still much more work to be done”


We need your support

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We need you SUPPORT, every little penny helps. This is not only for our Sign Language generation but for future deaf Sign Language generations, to protect and promote equality and parity to information.

The Government only provide BSL interpreting on one channel in-vision, which isn’t good enough.

In December 2020 in the face of our Judicial Review, the Government said it would provide BSL Interpreter on all its social media feed….

…..but so far ‘ issues’ have meant that hasn’t happened.

In January 2021, the Government asked the High Court to reject a Judicial Review over #WhereIsTheInterpreter campaign. However, in February 2021, a High Court judge granted permission for the Judicial Review to go ahead.

No date has been set yet for the review, but we will be sure to follow up in a future blog post! Watch this space!




“We feel undervalued not respected. We want to feel human. All we are asking for is Respect, Equality the same as you!”

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