Boris Johnson challenged on lack of sign language at press conferences.

Vicky Foxcroft, Labour’s shadow minister for disabled people, made history at PMQs with a question in sign language.

MP Vicky Foxcroft

The shadow minister for disabled people first asked her question (“Why no interpreter in-room briefings, why is this not sorted?”) in Sign Language, leaving the Prime Minister unable to understand her.

Foxcroft added: “If the Prime Minister doesn’t understand, imagine how those who rely on British Sign Language feel at his press briefings: £2.6m spent on the new press room, yet still no interpreter. What message does he think this sends to disabled people?”

“I really just want to see this sorted out now,” the shadow minister added.

Vicky Foxcroft

Mr Johnson, who appeared not to understand the question, spluttered: “I’m grateful to the honourable lady and grateful for the way she has set out her question.

“I will revert to her as soon as I can.”

One thought on “Boris Johnson challenged on lack of sign language at press conferences.

  1. Absolutely disgusting that there has never been an interpreter in any of the meetings. Why Mr Johnson? Shame on you and those involved. Scotland has interpreters so why haven’t interpreters been asked along here in England? # nevertrustatory


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