#WhereIsTheInterpreter Judicial Day

It is finally happening on 16th June, and I have a few more details on how we can watch it online.

BSL and Captions

How can you join in?

So, it’s happening on the 16th of June, online only, not in court. This means we have to use their software – Microsoft Teams (MS Teams). You will need to register by email (see the poster).

Please don’t contact Fry Law yourselves, you will have to register with me first to be added to the list.

Email lynnstewarttaylor@icloud.com

This helps to keep everything simple so that we know that everyone who wants to attend, is all on one list and not in different places such as social media, so please email only.

I am aware that some people might not have access to the internet or are not sure how to use it, or simply want to watch with others in support.

Perhaps your local deaf club or organisation has a hall that could be used to organise a special screening?

Contact your local deaf club

This is an update about the judicial review court day.This day will be special for us, it is the result of all our efforts. It’s been OVER a year of campaigning and trying to negotiate with the Government.

With the amazing organisations – and yourselves – throughout. We’ve come together as one. That’s one thing I am so proud of- we all came together and supported one another.


By the 16th June, the lockdown rules will have lifted, so we are allowed to meet indoors- of course, still being careful about social distancing.

Perhaps you could ask your deaf clubs, or local organisations, to arrange this and we could have mini-screenings spread throughout the UK! I’m hoping to arrange one with my local organisation to watch in their hall.

If there are any organisations or deaf clubs who would like to arrange this – in a public space or privately – again, please email me, as you will be the first on the list.We want to make sure those deaf organisations can access the link, then those of you who want to watch at home or work, by yourself will be added to a separate list.

So, organisations on one list, individuals on another – and this will be based on a first come first served. At the moment, we are not sure how many links will be allowed to join in online We are still in talks, that’s why we are prioritising deaf clubs and organisations first as this will allow more people to watch it together It will be like a special gathering, after a long year of barely any contact.

When I have received all the names for the lists, this will be passed on to the clerk office. They will then send you the link, just before the time it starts. It will not be given to you 1 or 2 weeks in advance, but on the day itself, just before it starts. So be warned that there may be a bit of a rush to sign in.
We expect the link to open around 10 o’clock, then at 10:30am the judge will officially start the proceedings. We expect all the deliberations to last 3 hours, until 12 o’clock. We don’t know when the decision will be – it might be on the day, or they may decide to announce it later on.

Thank you for all your support, see if you can set up a local screening so we can be live all over the UK! Showing that we are still here and supporting this special day.

Lynn Stewart-Taylor



Email to: lynnstewarttaylor@icloud.com

Photo by William Fortunato on Pexels.com

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  1. Not easy to follow due to complex link as opposed to many campaigns I have supported…ie NDCS, RNID etc!


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