#WTI Judicial Day at GDA

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16th June 2021

I thought I’d let you know that we are planning a special day on the 16th of June, to watch the Where Is The Interpreter Judicial Review.

It will be a special day for us, so I thought why don’t we arrange to watch it together?
The wonderful GDA has kindly agreed for us to use their hall so we can watch the proceedings on a big screen. Of course, we have to make sure that we are COVID-secure which means you will have to pre-register to attend.


So, if you are interested and live around Bristol, Portishead, Gloucester, South Gloucestershire, Worcester, Swansea or any places nearby, why not join us?! If you are interested, please text or email the GDA.


Text: 07875 610860

Email: admin@gda.org.uk

Address: Gloucester Deaf Association, Colin Road, Gloucester, GL4 3JL


If you live further out, why not try setting something up in your area? Perhaps you could meet up with friends to watch it online, or try contacting your local deaf club, or maybe even watch it with your colleagues at work!

On that day, we will also have the brilliant Yvonne serving us tea, food and cakes from Yumma Cafe. So again, if you are interested, and want food too, please text the GDA, so Yvonne knows how much to cook!

It will be a splendid treat for our special day – to watch the Judicial Review, catch up with one another and enjoy delicious food. I’m so excited!

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