#WhereIsTheInterpreter – Evidence Form

What can you do as a community?

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During this difficult time, we want to make sure that our sign language community look out for one another to help everyone to stay safe and have access to the COVID briefings information.

Collecting the Evidence – what kind of information you will need to collect?


Simply New OnLine #WTI Evidence Form

Thank you to DeafCOG for their assistance and guidance with this important matter. My thanks and appreciation.

Lynn Stewart-Taylor

Our BSL Volunteer Can Help You?

Our deaf BSL volunteer can help you to fill in the #WTI Evidence Form.

Penny Beschizza


contact Penny for help?

How can you and deaf organisations help each other?

  • Encouraging people to reach out to deaf neighbours/community and check on those who are most at risk
  • Encouraging people to make the most of deaf local online groups, keeping up-to-date and sharing the ‘Evidence Form for #WhereIsTheInterpreter Campaign’
  • Supporting people who may be anxious about how to fill in the form. Signpost them to the correct advice service or one of our volunteer to help.
  • Due to person confidentiality, their details will not be publicly confirmed, so please do what you can to respect and protect their privacy, and do not speculate with the local media or on social media.

“Offering support and thinking of one another makes communities stronger together”.

Lynn Stewart-Taylor

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2 thoughts on “#WhereIsTheInterpreter – Evidence Form

  1. Very important Should have BSL Interperter on the tv news live because millions of deaf peoples in U.K. needs to know what going on and it so unfair for deaf people don’t know what going on and felt left out and missed out all the information and it very frustrating watch the news without live Interperter bec it our first Laugauge is fully BSL access


  2. There should be BSL Interpreter automatically on the news as we needs to know what going on


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