Where is the interpreter Part II

We won the first battle in Rowley v Cabinet Office , but still no Interpreter for Government Broadcasts.

If you would like to be part of the legal case to ensure that:

1) BSL/English Interpreters are provided by Downing Street on Broadcasts;
2) Be paid compensation for what you couldn’t access

Please fill in this #WhereIsTheInterpreter Part II form!

“I could not believe that we had been totally ignored again. Sign language people messaged me straight away, including a deaf teaching assistant concerned about the lack of access for sign language children that meant they were unable to follow the  COP26 announcements. The government has failed us.

Lynn Stewart-Taylor

I feel that having come this far, we need to hold the Government to account, and let them know that our rights cannot be ignored. If we don’t fight to change the system, things will continue to be the way they are! So I have taken the decision to bring legal proceedings again, against the Cabinet Office.”

Lynn Stewart-Taylor
BSL Press Release out soon. Watch this space!

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