It is time for the society to change, not us!


The government make me feel that they are taking away access to reduce diversity, hide and segregate deaf sign language people.

Visibility of BSL Interpreters in the broadcasts in Scotland, Wales and around the world has helped make British Sign Language more mainstream in society. Is this not happening in England! Why? Can anyone explain this? It’s clearly shows that BSL community is highly marginalised, under-represented, and under-researched. This needs to be changed. Not next year or in 6 months. NOW, is the time to change!

Our feelings of exhaustion and hopelessness are swallowing any positive emotions whole. This is affecting our mental well-being.


Surely it’s time to apologise and put this right.

One thought on “It is time for the society to change, not us!

  1. Is sad no Interperter with new Prime minister liz truss yesterday on street Downing Street and same as Boris old time but angry with government but I am not happy still fighting no give up 😡😡😡😡


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