#WhereIsTheInterpreter – Evidence Form

What can you do as a community? During this difficult time, we want to make sure that our sign language community look out for one another to help everyone to stay safe and have access to the COVID briefings information. Collecting the Evidence – what kind of information you will need to collect? Simply NewContinue reading “#WhereIsTheInterpreter – Evidence Form”

Judicial Review – How did it go? #WhereIsTheInterpreter

Today is the day that a Deaf campaigners take Government to court over BSL access to Covid briefings. Update: Judicial Review at GDA Judicial Review – Morning update: Reg Cobb interview Hazma Shaikh. Judicial Review – afternoon update with Reg Cobb. End of Judicial Review with Reg Cobb, and other deaf BSL users at GDA.Continue reading “Judicial Review – How did it go? #WhereIsTheInterpreter”

#WhereIsTheInterpreter Judicial Day

It is finally happening on 16th June, and I have a few more details on how we can watch it online. By the 16th June, the lockdown rules will have lifted, so we are allowed to meet indoors- of course, still being careful about social distancing. Perhaps you could ask your deaf clubs, or localContinue reading “#WhereIsTheInterpreter Judicial Day”

Boris Johnson challenged on lack of sign language at press conferences.

Vicky Foxcroft, Labour’s shadow minister for disabled people, made history at PMQs with a question in sign language. The shadow minister for disabled people first asked her question (“Why no interpreter in-room briefings, why is this not sorted?”) in Sign Language, leaving the Prime Minister unable to understand her. Foxcroft added: “If the Prime MinisterContinue reading “Boris Johnson challenged on lack of sign language at press conferences.”

The Government failed us again! 

If Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can all provide a BSL interpreter at their side during Coronavirus briefings, why can’t the UK Government? #WTI Despite the £2.6 million upgrades to a bigger, bespoke media studio – the UK Government has, yet again, shown their lack of regard towards the Deaf community and our pleas forContinue reading “The Government failed us again! “

#WhereIsTheInterpreter have raised a whopping £20,000.

What fantastic news to end Sign Language Week!  After an incredible and daunting year of fundraising, we’ve hit our target raising £20,000 for the #WhereIsTheInterpreter campaign.I’ve been so impressed by the levels of creativity and commitment of everyone who has helped us reach our target. A big thank you to Sign Solutions, RAD, the DMContinue reading “#WhereIsTheInterpreter have raised a whopping £20,000.”

Today marks 18 years since British Sign Language was recognised by the UK government.

In March every year as this represents a special date for Sign Language, deaf community: March 18th 2003 was the date that sign language was officially recognised as a language in the UK. But…..recognised didn’t give British Sign Language (BSL) and new legal rights. Since 18 years BSL was so called ‘recognised’ the lack ofContinue reading “Today marks 18 years since British Sign Language was recognised by the UK government.”

One Year on, What has changed ?

It’s officially one year since we started asking the Government: What has changed? 09.03.2021 #WhereIsTheInterpreter. What has changed? The first video message on Twitter exactly one year ago on the 9th March 2020. #WTI Tweeted everyday … 5 months since walking to Downing Street (October 2020), what’s changed? When we started this campaign, there wasContinue reading “One Year on, What has changed ?”

Boris, Will It Include Space For A BSL Interpreter?

Downing Street has spent more than £2.6m on fitting out a new media briefing room, it has emerged. The Cabinet Office said the spending “is in the public interest” as it will “increase public accountability and transparency.” http://Downing Street: Millions spent on new media briefing room #WhereIsTheInterpreter is asking … “Will it include space forContinue reading “Boris, Will It Include Space For A BSL Interpreter?”

Breaking News: A huge win for Sign Language campaigners as a judge gives the go-ahead for the #WhereIsTheInterpreter

#WTI “This is absolutely fantastic news for our sign language community. We are now finally have been heard” Lynn Stewart-Taylor https://videopress.com/v/UAJezQuf?controls=false&muted=true&persistVolume=false&preloadContent=metadataThank you to Ahmed have offered his time, skills and devotion to our #WTI by translating from English to BSL. https://videopress.com/v/PxI5GojG?preloadContent=metadataLynn Stewart-Taylor I’m grateful to Mr Justice Johnson for granting permission for this important challenge,Continue reading “Breaking News: A huge win for Sign Language campaigners as a judge gives the go-ahead for the #WhereIsTheInterpreter”

Make a Donation Today

“We did it. You’ve raised a staggering £19,835.08. Thanks to the money raised by wonderful people like you”! Lynn Stewart-Taylor Thank you everyone for your great generosity! We, at #WTI, greatly appreciate your donations, and your sacrifice. Your support helps to challenge the UK government. This is not only for our generation but for futureContinue reading “Make a Donation Today”

MPs call for inquest into treatment of disabled people during pandemic

ONS data shows disabled people made up around 60 per cent of deaths in first wave Bethany Dawson Poor communication was cited as a barrier for disabled people, including the lack of sign language at televised government briefings The report highlights inaccessible communications during government briefings, health and social care funding and the lack ofContinue reading “MPs call for inquest into treatment of disabled people during pandemic”