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Sign Language Public Members Messages – click on the names to watch their personal messages:

Marie Pascall

Patti Gorman

Anna- Marie Reilly

Daisy – Bristol

Tom- South West

Hilary Sutherland – South West

Lel – Bristol

Stephen – South West

Lizzie – North West

llyaas – London

Public Personal Messages:

We deserve the equal service you are providing for the public to be translated into our language. We, as citizens of the United Kingdom, are equal as humans. Why should we be different?

Sam (London)

I’ve been deaf since birth. I classify myself as DOHA (Deaf of Hearing Adults). I am a fully qualified and trained chef and have been in the hospitality industry for over 7 years now.
During the pandemic I was unable to work due to hospitality closing down. Even during the pandemic I was still unable to understand everyday briefings from the PM. The interpreter service would have helped me understand what is happening with the world. I am still struggling to fully understand.

Boris, please wake up!


Katie Rowley said that prime minister Boris Johnson and his government “should be setting an example to the nation” by providing accessibility and equality.

― Katie Rowley
16th December 2020

“I feel the Government don’t seem to understand or respect BSL as a full and equal language in the UK. Should we really have to beg for an interpreter?”

― Sarah Lawrence
1st October 2020

“I don’t watch the news because I find it rather stressful and confusing. I have to rely on my son to translate the Covid-19 update information in my preferred language in BSL.

— Patsy
20th September 2020

“The problem is not that the deaf people don’t hear. The actual problem is that the Government won’t listen!”


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