Judicial Review – How did it go? #WhereIsTheInterpreter

Today is the day that a Deaf campaigners take Government to court over BSL access to Covid briefings. Update: Judicial Review at GDA Judicial Review – Morning update: Reg Cobb interview Hazma Shaikh. Judicial Review – afternoon update with Reg Cobb. End of Judicial Review with Reg Cobb, and other deaf BSL users at GDA.Continue reading “Judicial Review – How did it go? #WhereIsTheInterpreter”

#WTI Judicial Day at GDA

Register and secure your place at GDA. I thought I’d let you know that we are planning a special day on the 16th of June, to watch the Where Is The Interpreter Judicial Review. It will be a special day for us, so I thought why don’t we arrange to watch it together?The wonderful GDAContinue reading “#WTI Judicial Day at GDA”