#Where Is The Interpreter Part II Press Release

Despite criticism by the Courts in the case of Katherine Rowley v The Cabinet Office, and 275 compensation cases in the Central London County Court, the UK Government continues not to make national broadcasts accessible to deaf people who use British Sign Language (BSL). Lynn Stewart-Taylor, who founded the “Where is the Interpreter?” campaign whichContinue reading “#Where Is The Interpreter Part II Press Release”


Where is the interpreter Part II We won the first battle in Rowley v Cabinet Office , but still no Interpreter for Government Broadcasts. If you would like to be part of the legal case to ensure that: 1) BSL/English Interpreters are provided by Downing Street on Broadcasts;2) Be paid compensation for what you couldn’tContinue reading “#WhereIsTheInterpreter……..Still?”


Campaign With Us! There were no BSL/English interpreter on Government YouTube/Social Media Channels on COP26 and Health and Social Care Press Conference. 01/11/2021 The Prime Minister’s Opening Statement to the COP26 World Leaders’ Conference streamed and broadcast live by the 10 Downing Street You Tube channel. Prime Minister opened the World Leaders’ COP26 conference onContinue reading “#WhereIsTheInterpreter”