Where is the interpreter Part II We won the first battle in Rowley v Cabinet Office , but still no Interpreter for Government Broadcasts. If you would like to be part of the legal case to ensure that: 1) BSL/English Interpreters are provided by Downing Street on Broadcasts;2) Be paid compensation for what you couldn’tContinue reading “#WhereIsTheInterpreter……..Still?”

Judicial Review – How did it go? #WhereIsTheInterpreter

Today is the day that a Deaf campaigners take Government to court over BSL access to Covid briefings. Update: Judicial Review at GDA Judicial Review – Morning update: Reg Cobb interview Hazma Shaikh. Judicial Review – afternoon update with Reg Cobb. End of Judicial Review with Reg Cobb, and other deaf BSL users at GDA.Continue reading “Judicial Review – How did it go? #WhereIsTheInterpreter”